Say thanks. With care.

Who was a Care & Protector in your life this past year? From neighbors and friends who offered to pick up our weekly grocery orders to teachers who took the stress out of distanced learning and hairdressers who were there when we were ready to return to the salon, we all know someone whose care made our lives a little easier.

Show those who give so much to others that they deserve to be cared for, too. With NEW Dove Care & Protect, designed to protect skin from dryness.

Click below for a chance to send or redeem your own #CareAndProtect box including Dove's new antibacterial body wash, bar & hand wash which also protect skin from dryness.

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New Dove Care & Protect Antibacterial Collection

Eliminates 99% of bacteria in seconds.*

Moisturizes for hours.

Enjoy the moisturizing care you love from Dove, now with a new antibacterial formula. Made to fit into your everyday cleansing routine, in three nourishing formats: Body Wash, Beauty Bar, and Liquid Hand Wash.

We all deserve more care. Share it with those who #CareAndProtect in your life.

*in a 20 second clinical wash test vs. E.coli